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Britain seals trade deal with Norway and Iceland.

The UK has entered into a post-Brexit trade agreement with Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, the British government’s press office said on June 4.
According to the trade deal, it prioritizes cooperation in digital technologies to reduce tariffs on the export of food and agricultural products—exceptional attention to working with small businesses in bilateral relations.

In addition, the deal assumes that all contracts for the supply of goods, products, and services can be executed electronically, without paper media; the same applies to the current workflow, which, as the press service of the UK government said, should greatly simplify interaction …

The agreement significantly reduces export duties on Scottish cheeses, which now reach 277%—discounts and quotas for pork, poultry, and other goods. In addition, British wines and spirits, including Scotch whiskey, will now also be recognized in Norway and Iceland.


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