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Top 10 Penny Stocks of the Future

Among various types of securities, there are penny stocks that cost pennies, and investors or traders invest in them to benefit from diversification in the future.

Which at a meager price and, as a rule, are companies with ultra-micro capitalization and low market capitalization. These stocks mostly have little liquidity and range from $1 to $10. As a result, these stocks are risky investments. But, at the same time, they can give investors a significant profit.

To put this in perspective, consider how much market giants as GameStop Corp. (GME), AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC), Novavax (NVAX), and Cassava Sciences (SAVA) recently cost pennies. Nevertheless, these stocks rose by 3 348%, 592%, 55%, 3 044% over the past 6 months,  representing the explosive growth potential that good penny stocks can offer to that investor willing to take the time to analyze small companies.

1. HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HVBT).

The Company operates from Canada and is engaged in cryptocurrency mining. It was in 1987 as Leeta GoldCorp, but in 2017 changed its name to WHITE Technologies to focus on mining cryptocurrencies. On August 13, the Company announced that it had ordered 1800 Antminer S19j Pro miners to upgrade mining equipment.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (HVBT) has a market capitalization of $1 billion, and last year’s revenue was about $ 30 million. The shares for listing on the NASDAQ exchange in June of this year.

2. Verb Technology Company (VERB).

Flour Technology Company (VERB) is a software development company from Utah. Is Company one of the most mentioned promotions on the Reddit forums? From June to July 15, the shares showed an incredible 160% rally.

3. Seanergy Maritime Holdings (SHIP).

Seanergy Maritime Holdings (SHIP) is an international shipping company based in Greece. She manages a fleet of 11 Capesize vessels. On August 11, the Company’s share price rose by more than 3% after the board of directors announced plans to buy back shares worth $17 million. The Company’s market capitalization is $ 183 million, and revenue last year was $ 63 million. Is Company mainly engaged in the transportation of iron ore and coal.

4. Ideanomics (IDEX).

Ideanomics (IDEX) is a New York-based company that provides fintech services to introduce electric vehicles. In the financial results for the second quarter, published on August 16, the Company reported revenue of more than $ 33 million, which is 606% more than revenue for the same period last year and exceeded market estimates by $ 2.2 million. In addition, gross profit for the reporting period amounted to $9.3 million, 28% of gross profit.

5. Electromeccanica Vehicles (SOLO):

Electromeccanica Vehicles (SOLO) is based in Canada, manufactures and sells electric vehicles. In the financial results for the second quarter, published on August 11, the Company reported revenue of $ 0.3 million, which exceeded market forecasts by $ 0.21 million. In addition, the Company filed for a mixed sale offer to raise $750 million in sales, marketing, capital, and product development costs.

On May 12, Elettromeccanica Vehicles Corp announced the construction of a new assembly and technical center in Arizona, located on 18 acres of land and includes a manufacturing plant.

6. Exela Technologies (XELA).

Exela Technologies (XELA) sells digital processing solutions. On August 11, the Company announced extending a strategic agreement signed with a medical company that first used technology and operational capabilities in a $7.5 million contract. The Company’s market capitalization is $165 million, and revenue exceeded $1.2 billion last year.

7. eMagin Corporation (EMAN)

eMagin Corporation (EMAN) is a company that manufactures and sells products used in the virtual imaging industry. In second-quarter earnings results released on August 12, the Company reported earnings per share of $0.04, beating market forecasts by $0.03. However, revenue for this period amounted to $6.3 million, almost 18% less than a year earlier, and $ 1.4 million is not in line with estimates.

8. Sesen Bio (SESN).

Sesen Bio (SESN) is a biotechnology company specializing in developing targeted treatments with fusion proteins for cancer patients. The Company in 2008. Its market capitalization is $ 295 million, and revenue last year was $ 11 million. The Company was previously known as Eleven Biotherapeutics but changed its name in 2018.

9. Trivago N.V. (TRVG).

Trivago N.V. (TRVG) The Company in Germany. She owns and operates a hotel search platform. In addition, the Company publishes information about 5 million hotels and offers access to local websites and applications in 32 different languages. In the financial results for the second quarter, posted on July 29, the Company reported a revenue of 95 million euros. Last year’s corresponding period amounted to just over 16 million euros.

10. PowerBand Solutions Inc. (PWWBF)

PowerBand Solutions Inc. (PWWBF) is a technology company engaged in selling software and financial solutions. It is based in Canada and mainly serves the automotive industry. In the profit results for the first half of the fiscal year, published on August 18, the Company reported revenue of $ 7.6 million, more than 645% more than revenue for the same period last year. Its market capitalization is $ 138 million, and revenue in 2020 was $ 2.3 million.


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