The fashion industry is giving Stratasys 3D printing new ways to be used

Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS), a company that makes 3D printing technologies, has released the first collection of fashion clothes and accessories made with 3D printing. This is a big market with a lot of potential, and the company wants to be the first to get the right commercial technologies ready. A new collection from Stratasys is called SSY2 2Y22 Reflection. It was made with the help of the J850TM TechStyle 3D printer and the Italian company Dyloan, which specializes in developing new ways to work with fabrics.

The collection was also made with the help of well-known fashion designers and brands. The collection shows how 3D printing could be used to make clothes for a large number of people. That is, we’re not talking about shoes or a dress with a full print for a fashion show. Stratasys printers were used to make regular clothes, which are made with old-fashioned methods, look better. The design was also made with the help of machine algorithms.

So, Stratasys wants to give clothing companies a new, easy-to-use way to make their products more appealing and show that they are cutting-edge. Naomi Kempfer, Creative Director of Stratasys, showed off the SSY2 2Y22 Reflection collection in Milan. She talked about the benefits of design and production technologies and how important it is that 3D printing makes clothes versatile. Adding things like wear-resistant or waterproof materials, local insulation, or ventilation makes it possible to make clothes that work well in today’s weather.


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