Ideanomics shares have risen in price thanks to wireless charging

Shares of technology investment company Ideanomics Inc. (IDEX) received a positive boost this week thanks to the success of the previously acquired wireless charging transport business. WAVE, a subsidiary of Ideanomics, announced on Wednesday, June 22, that it had received a contract for the supply of wireless charging stations and their installation at the customer’s parking lot in Oregon. 

The customer is Josephine Community Transit (JCT), which previously planned to buy only one WAVE charging station, but eventually expanded the order to four. The prospects of WAVE have already been earlier. These are compelling installations for wireless charging of large vehicles. So, four 125 kW stations ordered by JCT will charge electric buses. 

The energy loss during wireless charging is much higher than when charging with a cable, but there are also significant advantages. First, you do not need expensive lines; they can; must monitor the condition of the wires. Otherwise, there is a fire risk or an electric shock to personnel. So, JCT has been using electric buses for several years, and working with cables has been one of the main problems, including unnecessary actions in the parking lot. 

Wireless charging can be underground, using the entire parking space. In contrast, bypassing the “columns” of cable charging on large buses is difficult — this is an extra ride and increases the risk of fire or injury. Another advantage of wireless charging is that the staff does not need additional training; it is just enough to put the bus in a particular place. The benefits of WAVE solutions announced by the JCT management are good news for Ideanomics. Sales of wireless charging stations may increase as the first customers accumulate positive experiences.


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