Following the announcement, Electronic Arts’ stock increased by 9.5 percent

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) has released its fiscal year 2022 fourth-quarter report. The rise in revenue and the threefold increase in profits thrilled investors. As a consequence, during the May 11 auction, EA’s shares hit $120.49. Net electronic arts increased by 24.5 percent to $6.99 billion in the fiscal year ending March 31, up from $7.51 billion the previous year.

Net orders for different services climbed by 17%, boosting profitability and allowing the business to raise earnings threefold to $0.8 per share in the fourth quarter, buy back $325 million in shares, and pay $0.17 per share in dividends. Profit was $2.76 per share at the conclusion of the fiscal year. Despite Wall Street’s expectations for a higher profit, Electronic Arts has finished another record financial year. Regardless, the growth is already substantial. Simultaneously, the EA audience has increased by 16% to 580 million unique active accounts, which is a promising sign.

Some well-known franchises performed well. Because of this, the number of people who play the FIFA football simulator on their phones has grown by an amazing 80% year over year in the last quarter. The online shooter Apex Legends’ twelfth game season has the most player engagement since its inception in 2019. Electronic Arts anticipates sales of $7.6–7.8 billion and net income of $2.79–$2.87 per diluted share for the current fiscal year 2023. Despite the high quarter, the yearly profit is now lower than the record statistics of the COVID-19 era, when individuals were compelled to isolate themselves and play video games as one of their primary sources of pleasure. Despite this, EA continues to grow its company effectively.


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